About Boxing Coach


Amateur Record of 298-10

16 Golden Gloves Championships, 3 State Championships, 4 National BoxingTournaments, Boxer of the Year Award, National Barney Ross SportsmanshipAward, Best Golden Glover Award.  Steve was also a member of the USABoxing Team vs. Great Britain.

Steve Gregory: Professional Record of 28-5

Fought 15 rounds for the World Jr. Middleweight Championship

Rated #3 World Contender and #1 in the U.S.

Ohio Jr. Middleweight Champion

Trained by Angelo Dundee (Who also trained Muhammad Ali)

Fought in Madison Square Garden, Africa, Rome, Italy, and Denmark

Was a sparring partner for Sugar Ray Leonard

The Coach has trained:

Cornered  fighters who defeated Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

37 Golden Gloves Champions

1 World Champion

1 UFC  World Champion

2 Professional Ohio Champions

1 Ohio and Regional Olympic Champion

14 Ohio State Fair Champions